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Internet site was created in 1996 and became the first ever online version of Russian FM radiostation. In the beginning site has 4 thematically divided online stations. However 5 years after more than 30 musical stations were broadcasted on In 2007 Broadcasting Corporation "Prof-Media" launched Online Radio Portal. Brand new radio service was made to meet the increasing demands of the rapidly expanded Internet audience. For the first time in the Russian national broadcasting and web-streaming history professional radio was presented exclusively for Internet users only. Today Radio Portal is a virtual Radio City, where any visitor can find a station in accordance with his preferences. Their team constantly creates and updates more than 150 stations and makes them interesting both for national and international listeners. As a result, the number of foreign listeners is approximately 30% of the total audience. At the end of 2010 TNS Gallup Media measured the audience of at the level of 1.500.000 unique visitors per month or 125.000 per day.

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