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RadioTunes - 70s Hits internet radio from New York (USA). RadioTunes - 70s Hits is the number one source for all the hits and chartbusters of the 70s. UK DJ Jimi King is responsible for the musical content for this channel at RadioTunes. JK spent most of the 70's in Britain's bars and clubs playing the sounds of that decade and miraculously (unlike many 60's jocks) can actually remember some of what happened. "The late seventies was very much a disco era, largely down to the birth of the 12" single and films like Saturday Night Fever" says JK, and there is no shortage of disco content on this channel. But the music choice here is determined by success rather than genre. "If it was a hit and it sounds happy and upbeat, be it rock, pop, dance, country, you name it, then it's probably on here". For more info visit:

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