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  Jago FM 94.4 Radio 

Jago FM 94.4 is a Bangla radio started with an aim to raise its voice against all odds and corruptions. Their voice is their crucial supremacy. They are the voice of youth. So listen to join with this true voice of youth. It has started its journey on, 2014. As a newest edition of this FM industry, it brought along its frequency on 94.4 fm. They are bringing along all the enthusiastic atmosphere with them, through the eternal path of Music and Art by the whole of the Artists and the Pacifiers. Jago FM 94.4 is a large platform where you can be yourself. They are not the voice of any race, any particular religion, any political party or any particular country. Their Slogan is: Ebar Jago. For more details visit: Jago.FM

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