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Since December 2005 AlbaRadio-AR has started broadcasting programs via the Internet and as Birthdays Editorial definition of AR is 10 January 2006. AlbaRadio emerged as a need and Dj idea Rapper (Esmer Ismajli) from his research, for a short time AlbaRadio-AR became more editorial under the leadership of Kadri Ismajli not believe many AR internet radio made a name and found himself listeners. AR today listen to thousands of listeners with emissions, SICET: Integrated Project Together was supported financially by the German speaking cantons in Switzerland (Every Tuesday and up Thursday 20/21h :00-22 / 23h: 00) - Live with Kadri Ismajli (For what shall night starting at 20h: 00 until 22h: 00) - Noon to Albaradion-AR, (12h :00-13h: 00). For more details visit:

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