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  Perak FM

Radio Perak FM has a great variety of genres, including the classic songs for old age listeners, pop songs for the youngsters and the jazz and rock music for the new era audiences. Radio Perak FM is the high rank radio channel which is situated in the position of Ipoh, Malaysia. However in the early morning from 6am until 10am listeners would be adjusted into Minnal FM beginning morning show, Kaalai Kathir organized by the announcers and other some Co workers. From 10am until 2pm, for kid's show. Perak FM would be concentrating on several of types of local song. Perak FM will be broadcasting from 2pm until 5pm giving classics. 5pm until 8pm shows of songs would concentrate on smooth and relaxing music of 80s and 90s. 12am to 3am is a unique section devoted to audience where they could call-in or deliver in their written text SMS to devote to music. For more details visit:



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